Bus ticketsKhmelnytskyi - bautsen

Planning a bus trip from Khmelnytsky to Bautzen and looking for a convenient route? Need to quickly purchase or reserve the cheapest tickets for this route? KLR Bus takes care to ensure you have a pleasant journey on the dates you need at an affordable price.

Online Ticket Purchase — Convenient and Fast

You can buy cheap tickets for our routes online, taking advantage of the following service benefits:

  • Convenience: You can choose and purchase a ticket from anywhere with internet access, at any time of day. You can also compare prices for different routes and choose the best option for you.

  • Time-saving: No need to stand in line at the ticket counter or travel to the bus station to buy tickets. You can book and pay for them in hryvnia or currency in just a few minutes.

  • Flexibility: Easily change the date and time of departure, as well as cancel reservations without additional costs.

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These advantages significantly facilitate the selection of routes to your destination and allow you to purchase bus tickets on our website just a few hours before departure.

Advantages of the Bus Route Khmelnytsky — Bautzen

Traveling by comfortable bus with a minimum of transfers will take you from Khmelnytsky to Bautzen in 18-20 hours. The carrier KLR Bus provides all the benefits of a pleasant journey:

  • Sufficient space for luggage;

  • Comfort during the journey: air conditioning, toilets, comfortable seats on the bus;

  • Assistance from staff during the trip;

  • Fastest routes.

Moreover, the ticket price for the Khmelnytsky — Bautzen route will be much lower than the cost of tickets for the same route by other means of transportation. Bus transportation allows you to save money without sacrificing comfort.

Full Access to Information — A Big Plus

During the preparation of a long journey, you may feel nervous and doubtful. However, complete information about routes, travel conditions, voucher issuance, ticket prices, and easy route search will help you quickly orient yourself and be confident in your choice.

If your circumstances change, and you have to postpone your trip, you can easily return tickets and get your money back. When returning tickets an hour before departure, you will receive 15% of the cost, 50% for 12 hours, 75% for 24 hours, and 80% for 48 hours. In case of canceling the route, the money is refunded in full.

Details of the Khmelnytsky — Bautzen Route

This route is designed to arrive at points with convenient transport connections, places for snacks, and rest.

Departure Point

The starting point of the route is the Central Bus Station No.1 (Vinnitsa Highway, 23) in Khmelnytsky. Here, there are toilets inside, a large waiting hall, information bureau, ticket counters, a cafe, and a small grocery store.

Arrival Point

The bus arrives in Bautzen at a large parking lot at Dr.-Peter-Jordan-Straße 1. It is located near the city center, with convenient transport connections, so you can easily transfer to public transport. Nearby, there is a supermarket and a hostel.

Our company ensures that your journey from Ukraine to Germany is quick and comfortable. The Khmelnytsky — Bautzen bus will take you to your destination in the shortest possible time, leaving pleasant memories of the trip.