About сompany

The company KLR Bus was founded in 2013 with the ambitious mission of creating a carrier distinguished by high-quality service, safety, and innovative solutions. The main goal was to transform ordinary bus connections between Ukraine and Europe into a pleasant and safe travel experience.

Today, KLR Bus is more than just a carrier. It is a company with years of experience and a recognized reputation in the market, serving as a reliable partner in travel between Ukraine and Europe for over 10 years.

Our mission is not only to make comfortable bus journeys available to everyone.

With KLR Bus, you have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of international routes, including popular European destinations: Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and as of 2024 – Spain and Portugal. Our continuous expansion of the route network makes European cities more accessible to you.

Thanks to our own fleet of over 100 European-class buses from Van Hool, Neoplan, and Setra, each of your journeys will not only be comfortable but also safe.

For over a decade, more than 200,000 passengers annually have been using KLR Bus services, choosing not only a carrier but also a reliable partner who ensures that each of your journeys is unforgettable. With us, you can experience true peace of mind, knowing that we take care of you throughout the entire trip.

Every journey with KLR Bus is not just a journey from one point to another; it is part of your story, filled with comfort, safety, and confidence. Choose KLR Bus and discover that every country is indeed "closer than you think."