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Privacy and protection of information

By providing his personal data to KLR UA LLC, the Site Visitor/User/Client consents to them by KLR UA LLC, including for the purpose of promoting goods and services, as well as the transfer of personal data to third parties involved by LLC «KLR UA», in order to fulfill obligations to website visitors/User/Client within the framework of the Public Offer.

The Site Visitor / User / Client consents to receive transactional trigger messages, informational messages, as well as news and marketing messages from KLR UA LLC. The frequency of messages depends on the factors and actions of the Site Visitor / User / Client, at the same time «KLR UA», LLC undertakes to make reasonable efforts to ensure that the Site Visitor/User/Client does not receive an excessive number of mailings.

The Site Visitor/User/Client is responsible for the information provided by KLR UA LLC on the Site in a publicly accessible form.

KLR UA LLC has the right to record telephone conversations with the site visitor/User/Client. At the same time, KLR UA LLC undertakes to: prevent unauthorized access attempts to information obtained during telephone conversations and/or transfer it to third parties to persons who are not directly related to the execution of Orders.

If the Site Visitor/User/Client wants to opt out of receiving the newsletter, then for this it is enough to click on the link «Reject from the newsletter» at the bottom of the email. Unsubscribing from receiving messages is always available at the bottom of each email message, as well as LLC ,«KLR UA» always responds to the request of site visitors/Users/Clients to unsubscribe from receiving messages when contacting the technical support service (

Physical address of KLR UA LLC: 2900, Khmelnytskyi, 64 Shevchenko St., office 9. Contact phone numbers +380687706030, +380638994748. The e-mail address of the Site Administration for consideration of appeals from users of third parties, including the provision of technical support to users:

Each phone number entered by the User when making a reservation and/or purchasing passenger transportation is assigned an ID - NUMBER, which is a set of characters that can be used to identify the User in the reservation system, for the purpose of efficient processing of orders (order history) and inquiries in system of the User. The ID-NUMBER may be transferred to a third party, without agreement with the User (for example, in Google Analytics for the purpose of identifying the user who visits the site from different devices). The User has the right to refuse to assign the ID-number to him by contacting the email address


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If the User does not wish to receive information collected using cookies, most browsers have the ability to delete existing cookies, automatically reject them, or offer the option to choose between rejecting or accepting individual cookies by the computer. To learn more about this feature, see browser manual or help window.

Some use of cookies on the Site may be under the control of non-controlled entities hired by “KLR Bus”, to manage certain programs and process individual requests of visitors / customers / users. «KLR Bus», requires such enterprises to use cookies in compliance with these. Rules , however «KLR Bus», is not responsible for the use of cookies by third parties