For carriers

For carriers

We invite carriers to cooperate

KLR Bus is a national operator of international passenger transportation. With the help of our services, we already organize bus transportation from Ukraine to Germany, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Slovakia, and Luxembourg. KLR bus offers ticket sales and booking services through its services and invites road carriers to cooperate. Our services:

  • easy-to-use and intuitive website;
  • mobile applications for Android and iOS;
  • round-the-clock call center.

Cooperation with KLR Bus means:

  • work with a well-known national international transportation operator;
  • high website traffic (and therefore potential customers for your routes);
  • a growing number of app installations;
  • a wide agent network;
  • increased sales for your buses.

To increase the number of sales using our service, we are constantly working on

  • increasing our brand awareness;
  • increasing website traffic and the number of app installations;
  • expanding our agent network;
  • improving the quality of service.

For more information, please send an e-mail to or call +38 068 680 11 93