Early booking

We have great news for our passengers:

we are launching an early booking service with discounts of up to 50% on any flight when purchasing a ticket in advance!

What is the early booking service?

It's the opportunity to buy a ticket in advance at a discount:

30% - when buying a ticket 30-39 days before the departure date.

40% - when buying a ticket 40-49 days before the departure date.

50% - when buying a ticket 50 days or more before the departure date.

Does the early booking service apply to tickets reserved with payment to the driver upon boarding?

There is no option to reserve a seat with payment to the driver for early booking. The passenger must pay for the ticket in advance to take advantage of the promotional price.

Can a ticket be transferred?

Yes, it can. In this case, the passenger must pay the price difference to the base ticket price valid on the date of transfer.

Can a ticket be refunded?

A ticket purchased through early booking can only be transferred to another departure date. Refunds for tickets purchased through early booking are not provided.

How much baggage is included in the ticket price purchased through early booking?

1 suitcase weighing up to 20 kg. An additional charge of 20 euros per additional suitcase weighing up to 20 kg is set.

Are there additional discounts for early booking (for children, students, pensioners, etc.)?

No, there are not.

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