Passenger and baggage transportation agreement


for the provision of booking, processing, and ticket sales services for passenger and luggage bus transportation through the KLR BUS sales system

LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY "KLR UA"/KLR IMPERIAL.SL (hereinafter referred to as the Executor), acting on behalf of and in the interests of the Carrier based on an agreement, on the one hand, and the INDIVIDUAL (LEGAL ENTITY) who contacted the Executor to receive services for booking, processing, and selling tickets for bus transportation of passengers and luggage or the person in whose name the ticket is issued (hereinafter referred to as the Customer or Passenger), on the other hand, collectively referred to as the "Parties", and each individually as the "Party", have concluded this Public Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement, Offer) regarding the following:


1.1. Public Offer (Offer) – a public proposal by the Executor in the form of a Public Agreement to provide services for booking, processing, and selling tickets for bus transportation of passengers and luggage, which contains all essential terms and is published on the Executor’s website and in the mobile application or (hereinafter referred to as the Mobile Application).

1.2. Acceptance of the Offer – the complete, unconditional acceptance by the Customer (Passenger) of the terms of the Offer without any exceptions and/or limitations, by performing any actions to create an order for services, submitting an order for booking services, payment, or any other actions by the Customer (Passenger) aimed at ordering services (their booking) on the Executor’s website or in the Mobile Application after full or partial payment for the Service. Acceptance is equivalent to the conclusion by the Parties of a bilateral written agreement under the terms outlined below in this Offer, in accordance with Part 2 of Article 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine.

1.3. Website – an open, publicly accessible website belonging to the Executor, located on the Internet at the address, along with all its functional capabilities, pages, graphics, etc., designed to provide services for finding a vehicle, its route, availability of free seats, booking, selling travel documents (tickets) for this transport, and other services.

1.4. Service – paid services for the transportation of the Passenger and their luggage according to the selected route, date, and time of departure of the Carrier's vehicle. The volume of the Service and its commencement are chosen by the Customer (Passenger) independently when placing an Order from the options offered by the Executor. The list of services provided to the Customer within the Order may be changed unilaterally by the service provider.

1.5. Electronic Passenger Ticket, Route Receipt, Insurance Policy – an electronic document stored in the service provider's system, the Executor, or in the global booking system, containing a full set of data about the Service, reflecting the Carrier's (company providing the Service) identification data, Customer, certifying the purchase of the Service, confirming the right of the person specified in the travel document to use the Service. Provided to the Customer in the form of an electronic document: route receipt/electronic ticket (hereinafter referred to as the Ticket).

1.6. Order (Booking, Reservation) – a written or electronic request for receiving (booking, ordering) the selected Service by the Customer, received by the Executor's booking tools, including through the online booking system or in another manner established by this Agreement or the Executor, containing a complete list of information necessary for processing the transportation service (bus ticket). In this Agreement, the Booking Request is considered an acceptance of this Agreement by the Customer and signifies the Customer's consent to compensate for any damages incurred by the Executor due to its withdrawal by the Customer. Booking may involve full or partial payment at the time of creating the reservation or payment within the allocated period after creating the reservation. Unpaid booking means that the order is reserved for a specified period and during this time can only be sold to the Customer who made the order.

1.7. Customer – an individual, legal entity, or individual entrepreneur who has entered into a Public Agreement with the Executor and ordered the Service in their own interest and/or in the interest of third parties and/or pays for such services.

1.8. Passenger – the person specified as the recipient of the transportation services, or otherwise using the services purchased from the Executor according to the Ticket (paper ticket).

1.9. Carrier – the person directly providing the Passenger and luggage transportation Service, selected and paid for by the Customer (Passenger).

1.10. Valid Travel Documents – documents recognized as valid in all countries through which the Passenger is transported, allowing them to cross internal and external borders of countries, whose validity period has not expired or will not expire before the planned trip ends. The list of such documents depends on the requirements of the country’s legislation from which or to which the Passenger is entering. Any Passenger document is not considered a Valid Travel Document if due to its improper execution or expiration, foreign competent authorities impose a fine on the Carrier.

1.11. Rules for the Transportation of Passengers and Luggage – rules established by the Carrier, defining the conditions, rights, obligations, and responsibilities of the Passenger during transportation and in connection with it (hereinafter referred to as the Transportation Rules), which the passenger must read before clicking the "Pay" button.

1.12. Personal Data – information or a set of information about an identified or identifiable individual (name and surname, contact information, payment data, email address, etc.).

1.13. Personal Data Owner – an individual whose personal data is processed and who has given consent to its processing.

1.14. Personal Data Processing – any action or set of actions such as collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adaptation, alteration, updating, use, and dissemination (distribution, realization, transfer), depersonalization, destruction of personal data, including using information (automated) systems.

1.15. Consent of the Personal Data Subject – the voluntary expression of will by the individual (representative of the individual) to allow the processing of their personal data by registering on the website, marking the appropriate field on the website indicating consent, using the website, etc.

1.16. "Early Booking" Service – advance promotional sale of the ticket.

1.17. Loyalty Program – a system of accumulating bonuses that the passenger can use when purchasing a ticket.


2.1. This Agreement (public offer) is posted on the Website and in the Mobile Application, in accordance with Articles 633, 634, 641, 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, and contains all essential terms for providing Services by the Executor and offers an unlimited number of persons to receive Services under the terms defined in this Agreement.

2.2. The terms of this Agreement determine the relationship between its Parties and are the same for all Customers (Passengers), except for those who are provided with respective benefits by the legislation of Ukraine (if any).

2.3. The Agreement may be changed unilaterally by the Executor without prior notice by posting a new version of this Agreement on the Website or in the Mobile Application. The new version of the Agreement comes into force upon its publication on the Website or in the Mobile Application.

2.4. Any Customer (Passenger) has the free opportunity and is obliged to review all the terms of the Agreement in the current version on their computer, tablet, or phone by clicking on the name of the Agreement in the section requiring the Customer’s (Passenger’s) consent to fulfill the obligations under the Agreement and agreement with it.

2.5. If the Customer does not agree with the terms of the Offer, they must stop using the Website or the Mobile Application and refrain from actions aimed at accepting the Offer.

2.6. By agreeing to the terms of this Agreement, the Customer (Passenger) confirms their authority, legal capacity, and financial ability, and acknowledges their responsibility for the obligations imposed on them by concluding this Agreement.

2.7. The Customer's (Passenger’s) full or partial payment is considered unconditional acceptance of the Agreement. By doing so, the Customer (Passenger) confirms the accuracy of their personal data (Passenger’s) and accepts full responsibility for their accuracy, completeness, and truthfulness. The Customer (Passenger) assumes all possible commercial risks (ordering a new service, changing the tariff, refund, etc.) associated with their fault in providing incorrect information or inaccuracies.


3.1. Under the Agreement, the Executor provides services for finding the appropriate Carrier, according to the date, time, and direction chosen by the Customer (Passenger), forming (combining) transfers between various Carriers, concluding a transportation agreement by selling/purchasing a Ticket for the Customer (Passenger), processing tickets from different Carriers in one order, advance ticket sales for bus transportation of passengers and luggage, booking seats, ordering a ticket by phone or online, finding the optimal schedule upon the Customer’s request, informing and providing round-the-clock support to the Customer (Passenger), as well as advance payment of the Ticket with funds received from the Customer (Passenger).

3.2. The Executor, by selling the Ticket through the Website or Mobile Application, confirms their right to sell the specified Ticket, in accordance with the terms and obligations defined by the Carrier. The Customer’s (Passenger’s) purchase of the Ticket, in turn, is evidence of the conclusion of the transportation agreement.

3.3. For the services provided by the Executor, the Customer (Passenger) pays the Executor funds according to the current tariffs of the Carrier/Executor, posted on the Website or in the Mobile Application. Banking services related to the transfer of funds within the framework of the Agreement are paid by the Party that performs them. Tariffs can be changed unilaterally by the Executor by posting updated tariffs on the Website and in the Mobile Application.

3.4. If this Agreement is concluded by the Customer in the interests of the Passenger(s), the Customer, by signing this Agreement, confirms and guarantees to the Executor the presence of the necessary authority and authorization from the Passenger(s) to conclude this Agreement in their interests. In this case, the Customer bears joint responsibility, as provided by the terms of this Agreement, along with the Passenger(s), and the actions of the Customer create civil rights and obligations for the Passenger(s) under the terms of this Agreement.

3.5. The identifier of the Customer (Passenger) is the email address and/or phone number indicated when purchasing the Ticket (paper ticket).

3.6. The rights and obligations of the passenger who purchased the ticket on the Website or in the Mobile Application, regarding the terms of transportation, are determined by the agreement and the transportation rules provided by the Carrier.

3.7. Violation of the terms of the public agreement and the transportation rules by the Carrier is grounds for refusing the use of the ticket and providing transportation services, without the right to a refund.

3.8. The Customer who made the booking, payment for Services under this Agreement, seat reservation, or other services confirms that they have read and unconditionally accept the terms of this Agreement. If the Customer is not the Passenger, by booking and paying for Services, they confirm that they are an authorized person of the Passenger in whose name the booking and payment for Services are made and by making the payment, they confirm that they have informed the Passenger of the terms of this Agreement and other information necessary to receive the transportation service by the Passenger.

3.9. Information about the transportation route, date, and time of the start/end of the transportation, the name of the Carrier, etc. is indicated directly on the transportation Ticket.

3.10. For the Services provided, the Executor receives a reward consisting of funds included in the Ticket price and defined as Agent’s commission (paid by the Carrier).

3.11. The Executor, acting as an agent on behalf of, at the expense of, and in the interests of the Carrier, by means of the Website or Mobile Application, books and sells tickets for bus transportation of passengers and luggage, special offers, discounts, and provides information.


4.1. The Customer (Passenger) has the right to: 4.1.1. Receive timely and complete information about the terms and procedures for providing Services; 4.1.2. Cancel the trip, return the Ticket (paper ticket), and receive a full or partial refund of the Ticket price (paper ticket) - depending on the term of its return, under the terms established by the Carrier; 4.1.3. Obtain a seat in the vehicle according to the purchased ticket; 4.1.4. Transport their luggage free of charge within the limits established by the Agreement and the Transportation Rules of the Carrier; 4.1.5. Receive compensation for documented damages, in the presence of the Executor’s fault; 4.1.6. Other rights provided by this Agreement.

4.2. Obligations of the Customer (Passenger): 4.2.1. Before purchasing the Ticket (paper ticket), familiarize themselves with this Agreement, the transportation rules, transportation tariffs, and other documents posted on the official website of the Executor or in the Mobile Application and concerning transportation, accurately determine the date and time of the trip, schedule, and route, ensure the presence of valid travel documents; 4.2.2. Provide necessary and accurate information when placing an order for the Service; 4.2.3. Immediately check the accuracy of the data indicated in the Ticket (paper ticket) immediately after receiving it and, in case of errors, immediately initiate the necessary corrections; 4.2.4. Pay for the Services in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and the tariffs of the Carrier; 4.2.5. Keep the Ticket and present it at the request of the Carrier; 4.2.6. Arrive at the departure point in advance; 4.2.7. Have all duly executed documents necessary for entry into the destination countries, transit countries along the transportation route and present them at the request of the Carrier, its drivers, and persons authorized to conduct control; 4.2.8. Occupy the seat indicated in the Ticket, keep it and present it at the request of the Carrier, its drivers, and persons authorized to conduct control; 4.2.9. Fulfill other obligations provided by this Agreement and the current legislation of Ukraine and the legislation of foreign countries along the transportation route.

4.3. The Executor has the right to: 4.3.1. Independently change the terms of the Agreement, including adjusting the current tariffs provided by the Carrier, change the terms of this Agreement by posting a notice of such changes on the Website or in the Mobile Application; 4.3.2. Refuse transportation to the Passenger in case of violation of the requirements (provisions) defined by the Transportation Rules; 4.3.3. Offer Passengers additional paid services; 4.3.4. With the agreement of the Carrier, sell booked but unpaid seats; 4.3.5. Other rights provided by law and this Agreement.

4.4. The Executor is obliged to: 4.4.1. Take measures to provide safe, convenient, and high-quality Services; 4.4.2. Provide information and consultations on issues that arise for Passengers regarding the use of services: ordering, booking a seat, additional luggage, etc.; 4.4.3. Fulfill other obligations provided by this Agreement.


5.1. The Passenger must arrive at the bus departure point indicated in the Ticket no later than 30 minutes before departure.

5.2. In the absence of the Passenger at the agreed place for boarding the vehicle at the time of departure, the transportation is considered canceled, and all contractual obligations are terminated at the initiative of the Passenger. In this case, the Ticket price is not refunded to the Customer (Passenger).

5.3. Ticket returns are carried out as follows: 5.3.1. In case of cancellation of the trip by the Carrier, the passenger is refunded 100% of the ticket price. 5.3.2. Voluntary return of the ticket by the passenger is carried out under the terms defined by the Carrier. 5.3.3. In case of disagreement of the passenger with the ticket return rules, the decision regarding the return is made by the Carrier.

5.4. In the presence of force majeure circumstances (circumstances of force majeure), the boarding point may be changed unilaterally by the Carrier, of which the Executor notifies the Passenger in advance before the bus departure. The Passenger is considered to have agreed to the proposed conditions by the Executor without any objections and claims to the Executor/Carrier if the Passenger continues to move under the proposed conditions of the Carrier. Subsequently, the Passenger's claims on any issues regarding this are not considered and are not subject to satisfaction.

5.5. During boarding, the Passenger is obliged to present valid travel documents and hand over their luggage to the baggage compartment. The Passenger is warned that in case of refusal to present documents or the absence of any required valid travel documents (expiration of their validity), the Carrier has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract with the Passenger without refunding the Ticket price.

5.6. The Executor is not responsible for transport delays during the trip and the untimely arrival of transport to boarding and disembarkation points of passengers.

5.7. The driver of the passenger vehicle does not allow the trip for Passengers who: 5.7.1. Do not have tickets or do not present a certificate confirming the right to travel benefits; 5.7.2. Do not have valid travel documents; 5.7.3. Are in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication; 5.7.4. Violate public order; 5.7.5. Carry dangerous goods, in particular flammable, explosive, and those that can contaminate the bus or passengers' clothing. 5.7.6. Passengers presenting a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.

In case of non-admission of the Passenger to the trip in the cases provided for in this Agreement, the Agreement is considered fulfilled, despite the fact that the transportation was performed in a different volume than was provided for by the Ticket (paper ticket), the trip cost is not refunded, and claims are not considered by the Executor.

5.8. The arrival time indicated in the Ticket is approximate, taking into account force majeure circumstances that may arise during the trip (weather conditions, road congestion, obstacle detours, actions, and decisions of state control authorities, actions, and decisions of state and local authorities and administrations, queues at state borders, accidents with the bus and its unforeseen technical malfunction), including force majeure circumstances.

5.9. If there is a delay in the departure of the trip for any reason from the departure point or arrival at the destination point indicated in the Ticket, the Passenger can use the trip with a changed schedule and/or route or initiate the return of the unused part of the trip based on the cost of travel per kilometer. If the Passenger uses the trip with a changed schedule and/or route, further claims are not considered.

5.10. The Executor does not guarantee and is not responsible for the untimely arrival of buses at the destination points, transfers to other types of transport and other carriers, connections of trips.

5.11. On internal and international trips of the Carrier, the Passenger is allowed to carry luggage in the baggage compartment for free, and in the bus salon on the luggage shelf – hand luggage, the number of items, dimensions, and weight of which are determined by the Carrier.

5.12. Transportation of animals is allowed under the conditions established by the Carrier, considering the relevant norms of Ukrainian and international legislation.

5.13. In the absence of valid travel documents for the transportation of animals, the Passenger will be refused transportation without refunding the money.


6.1. In case of non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of their obligations under the Agreement, the Parties bear liability provided by laws and this Agreement.

6.2. The Executor bears no responsibility for providing services and fulfilling the Carrier’s obligations to the Passenger.

6.3. The Executor bears no responsibility for the safety of the Customer’s/Passenger’s luggage, valuables, and documents throughout the period of receiving services under this Agreement. Responsibility for the safety of their property both in Ukraine and abroad lies with the person receiving the Services.

6.4. The Customer bears full responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided about themselves and the Passengers and the validity of the provided documents. In case of non-departure of the Customer/Passenger due to improper passport processing or other necessary documents, including for the child, all financial expenses are borne exclusively by the Customer/Passenger.

6.5. If the Customer acted without proper authority regarding the purchase of a ticket in the name of a third party (Passenger(s)) and their actions were not agreed upon with the Passenger(s), the Customer bears full personal responsibility for any damages to the Passenger(s).

6.6. Non-compliance with the Transportation Rules by the Customer (Passenger) may lead to the cancellation of orders and denial of access to purchased Services, including the possibility of using the Ticket (paper ticket) without refunding the money spent on its purchase.

6.7. The driver of the passenger vehicle has the right not to allow the trip for Passengers who do not have valid travel documents without refunding the money spent on purchasing the Ticket (paper ticket).


7.1. The Parties are released from liability for partial or complete non-fulfillment of obligations under this Agreement if such non-fulfillment of obligations is the result of force majeure circumstances that arose after the conclusion of the Agreement due to extraordinary events that the Parties could not foresee and prevent with their actions. Such force majeure circumstances include (but are not limited to): natural disasters, military actions, war, embargo, quarantine, pandemic, epidemic, decisions of state authorities that caused the impossibility of fulfilling this Agreement. The period of force majeure circumstances is confirmed by a certificate issued by the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (its territorial body).

7.2. Upon the occurrence and termination of the circumstances specified in paragraph 7.1 of this Agreement, the Party for which it became impossible to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement must notify the other Party in writing within 5 working days.

7.3. In the absence of timely notification, as provided in paragraph 7.2 of this Agreement, the Party is obliged to compensate the other Party for the damages caused by the lack of notification or untimely notification, except in cases where such notification became impossible due to the actions of force majeure circumstances.

7.4. If the force majeure circumstances last more than a month, either Party has the right to initiate the termination of this Agreement by sending a written notice to the other Party 15 (fifteen) calendar days before the expected termination date.


 8.1. This Agreement takes effect from the date of its acceptance by the Customer (Passenger) and is valid until the full fulfillment of the Parties' obligations.

8.2. Any disputes regarding the fulfillment of this Agreement, arising at the initiative of the Customer (Passenger), are subject to consideration by the respective court at the location of the Executor with the observance of the claim procedure. The claim in writing should be sent to the location of the Executor. The claim is considered by the Executor within a month from the day of its receipt unless otherwise specified by the current legislation of Ukraine.

8.3. The Parties have decided that in case of discrepancies between the terms of this Agreement and the provisions of the current legislation of Ukraine, the provisions of this Agreement take precedence. In all matters not provided for in this Agreement, the Parties are guided by the current legislation of Ukraine and the legislation of the country of registration of the international Carrier.

8.4. The Executor and the Customer (Passenger) exchange messages by electronic correspondence or publication on the Website. The Customer (Passenger) agrees that all messages, news, and other communications in electronic form composed by the Executor comply with the same legal requirements as those in paper form. Documents transmitted by the Customer (Passenger) by electronic communication means (electronic documents) to the Executor may be taken into account until they are exchanged for originals.

8.5. All textual information and graphical images on the Website are the property of the Executor and/or its contractors. The Customer (Passenger) does not have the right to make changes, copy, distribute, create derivative works, sell, and use the intellectual property of the Executor in any other way. Such actions will be considered a violation of copyright, and the Executor reserves the right to apply all lawful measures to protect and restore its rights.

8.6. The Parties under this Agreement take all necessary measures to ensure the confidentiality (non-disclosure) of technological, financial, commercial, confidential, and other information and documentation, trade secrets, and personal data of individuals received from the other Party.


9.1. By providing their personal data to LLC "KLR UA"/"KLR IMPERIAL.SL", the Visitor of the Site/User/Client consents to their processing by LLC "KLR UA"/"KLR IMPERIAL.SL", including for promoting goods and services, as well as transferring personal data to third parties engaged by LLC "KLR UA"/"KLR IMPERIAL.SL" for fulfilling obligations to the Site Visitors/Users/Clients under the Public Offer.

9.2. The Visitor of the Site/User/Client agrees to receive transactional-trigger notifications, informational messages, as well as news and marketing messages from LLC "KLR UA"/"KLR IMPERIAL.SL". The frequency of messages depends on the factors and actions of the Site Visitor/User/Client, while LLC "KLR UA"/"KLR IMPERIAL.SL" undertakes to make reasonable efforts to prevent the Site Visitor/User/Client from receiving an excessive number of mailings.

9.3. The Site Visitor/User/Client is responsible for the information provided to LLC "KLR UA"/"KLR IMPERIAL.SL" on the Site in a publicly accessible form.

9.4. LLC "KLR UA"/"KLR IMPERIAL.SL" has the right to record telephone conversations with the site visitor/User/Client. At the same time, LLC "KLR UA"/"KLR IMPERIAL.SL" undertakes to: prevent attempts of unauthorized access to the information obtained during telephone conversations, and/or transfer it to third parties who are not directly related to fulfilling Orders.

9.5. If the Site Visitor/User/Client wants to unsubscribe from receiving mailings, it is enough to click on the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the email. Unsubscribing from receiving messages is always available at the bottom of each email message, and LLC "KLR UA"/"KLR IMPERIAL.SL" always responds to requests from site visitors/Users/Clients to unsubscribe from receiving messages when contacting technical support (

9.6. Addresses: LLC "KLR UA": 2900, Khmelnytskyi, Vinnytske Highway, 12/2. Contact phone numbers +380687706030, +380638994748. Email address of the Site Administration for handling requests from users and other persons, including providing technical support to users:, KLR IMPERIAL, S.L. Tax Identification Number: B16386385, Legal Address: C/Músico Agustín Bertomeu n-3 Block 5 Floor 3 Letter C Postal Code 03008 Alicante Bank: Banco Santander, IBAN: ES1600496950082310059308 SWIFT: BSCHESMM Email: Phone: +34688466443

9.7. Each phone number entered by the User when booking and/or purchasing passenger transportation is assigned an ID – NUMBER, which is a set of characters used to identify the User in the booking system, to effectively process orders (order history) and requests in the User system. The ID – NUMBER may be transferred to a third party without the User's consent (for example, to Google Analytics to identify the user visiting the site from different devices). The User has the right to refuse the assignment of the ID – NUMBER by contacting the email address


10.1. The website uses cookie files. Cookie files are an industry standard and are used by many websites, making it easier for users to access and use certain websites, providing information used to deliver content of interest to the user, and for other purposes, such as security and performing other account administration functions, which can help track user-identifiable information. Cookie files cannot harm the computer system or files, and only the website that transmitted specific cookie files can read, modify, and delete such files.

10.2. If the User does not wish to receive information collected using cookie files, most browsers offer the possibility to delete existing cookie files, automatically reject them, or choose between rejecting or accepting individual cookie files on the computer. To learn more about this function, refer to the browser instructions or help window. Some uses of cookie files on the Site may be controlled by independent organizations hired by "KLR Bus" to manage certain programs and handle individual requests from visitors/clients/users. "KLR Bus" requires such organizations to use cookie files in compliance with these Rules; however, "KLR Bus" is not responsible for the use of cookie files by third parties.


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