Where did Ukrainians travel most often with KLR Bus?

We conducted a study on our international passenger traffic in the 3rd quarter of 2023. Below, we share the data from this study and compare it with the results from the previous quarter.

The total number of Ukrainians who used KLR Bus services in the 3rd quarter increased by 29.3% compared to the 2nd quarter of the same year. In total, from July to September 2023, 109,560 passengers traveled with us to and from Europe.

The ranking of countries most visited by our passengers is as follows:

  1. Germany

  2. Poland

  3. Czech Republic

  4. Austria

  5. Netherlands

Germany is the top destination for our passengers. The number of passengers compared to the 2nd quarter of 2023 increased by 28.5% to 45,705 people. The most popular cities in Germany among our passengers are as follows: Berlin - 1,891 Hamburg - 1,640 Frankfurt - 1,244 Stuttgart - 1,216 Leipzig - 1,195.

Poland is the second most popular country. Like in Germany, the total number of passengers increased, this time by 20%. In total, 42,449 Ukrainians used KLR Bus services to travel to Poland. The most visited cities were Warsaw - 5,208 people and Krakow - 4,745 people.

Czech Republic saw the largest increase in the 3rd quarter of 2023 in the direction of Ukraine-Czech Republic. The number of passengers increased by 68% compared to the 2nd quarter. The total number of passengers who used KLR Bus services and visited the Czech Republic with us was 17,148. The leaders in popularity were Prague - 3,355 people and Brno - 1,568 people.

From Europe to Ukraine

It is worth noting the increase in the number of Ukrainians returning home from abroad. The number of such individuals in the 3rd quarter increased by 26% compared to the previous quarter. In total, 52,461 Ukrainians returned to Ukraine with KLR Bus. The most common destinations for our compatriots returning were Lviv - 9,371 passengers and Kyiv - 7,045 people.

Below is a readable infographic that graphically demonstrates this statistics.

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