What can't tourists carry across the border, and what is allowed?

Modern people often travel abroad for shopping or vacation and bring various gifts in the form of souvenirs for family and friends to Ukraine. However, novice travelers often face problems at customs, where certain goods are not allowed to be brought in. This happens for one simple reason – lack of knowledge of the rules for importing/exporting goods in the countries being traveled to. Let's figure out what can be transported across the border and what cannot, or requires special permission.

We immediately warn you: we are talking about goods and items for personal use (i.e., what a passenger plans to take with them on a trip for work, vacation, etc.). Import/export of food/non-food products on an industrial scale is not considered in this article (even in our buses, it won't fit, no matter how much passengers want it).

What and how much food products can be imported into the Republic of Poland?

  1. vegetables/fruits for personal use - up to 2 kg,

  2. bread, cakes, confectionery, cookies, chocolate - up to 2 kg,

  3. food supplements, packaged for end consumers - up to 2 kg,

  4. meat extracts and meat concentrates (for example: bouillon cubes, dehydrated quick-cook products) - up to 2 kg,

  5. pasta products without meat filling and without meat or meat products content - up to 2 kg,

  6. soup broths and seasonings, packaged for end consumers - up to 2 kg,

  7. other food products that do not contain fresh or processed meat or dairy products, and contain less than 50% processed eggs or fish products - up to 2 kg,

  8. fish and fish products - up to 20 kg (could be 1 fish weighing 20 kg), There are exceptions for certain types of fish (for example: sturgeon caviar can be imported without special permission up to 125 g).

How much alcohol and cigarettes can be imported into the Republic of Poland?

  • beer - up to 2 liters,

  • still wine - up to 0.5 liters,

  • sparkling wine (up to 22% alcohol by volume) - up to 0.5 liters,

  • alcohol stronger than 22% alcohol by volume - up to 0.5 liters

  • 2 packs of cigarettes per 20 pieces each or 50 grams of tobacco.

How much cash can be imported into the Republic of Poland?

Without written declaration, you can have up to 10,000 EUR in cash, more - with mandatory declaration.

What cannot be imported into the Republic of Poland?

  • meat and meat products - sausages, salami, lard, meat preserves, etc.,

  • milk and dairy products - cheese, dairy products, etc.

  • There is an exception - if the meat or milk is part of baby food (mixtures, powdered milk, dietary food) or animal feed.

  • In this case, baby food and animal feed can be transported up to 2 kg in the original unopened packaging, if the product does not require cooling after cutting and before consumption. psychotropic and narcotic drugs, drugs,

  • poisonous and explosive substances, radioactive substances,

  • video and printed materials that promote war, racism, violence.

  • items, images, works of a pornographic nature.

  • culturally valuable items declared wanted.

What personal items can be imported into the Republic of Poland?

these must be personal items for personal (non-commercial) use,

medicines (up to 5 units of each drug maximum). Important: if medicines contain prohibited/narcotic substances in their composition, it is necessary to have a certificate specifying the doctor, patient, the drug itself, and the issuing authority in Polish and English.

the total value of all imported goods must not exceed 300 EUR.

Now that we've figured out what you can take with you and what you can't, it's time to enjoy your vacation and adhere to strict customs rules.

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