List of documents for crossing the ukrainian-polish border


KLR Bus company informs that passengers with extended foreign passports are not allowed by the Border Service of the Republic of Poland!!!

KLR Bus reserves the right to refuse carriage to passengers using extended biometric passports due to possible imposition of penalty sanctions on the carrier.

When crossing the Ukrainian-Polish border, the following documents are required:

• visa (Schengen or Polish citizen) or other valid document allowing entry and stay in Poland (e.g., residence card) or another EU country.

Only holders of biometric passports are exempt from the visa requirement; if you are a third-country national, you need to check if your country of origin is on the list of third countries whose citizens are exempt from visa requirements. https://www.gov.pl/web/gruzja/lista-panstw-ktorych-obywatele-moga-podrozowac-dopolski-bez-wiz

• medical insurance for a minimum amount of 30,000 euros (for entry based on a Polish national visa);

• 300 zlotys if the planned stay does not exceed four days;

• 75 zlotys per day for each day of planned stay if the stay exceeds 4 days (or the equivalent of this amount in other currencies);

• If a foreigner: is a participant in a tourist trip, youth camp, sports competition; has paid expenses related to stay in Poland; arrives at a health resort; is a participant in a program that allows him to work during holidays in Poland, which is not the main purpose of his stay, regulated by an international agreement, of which Poland is a party; must have financial resources for living, at least 20 zlotys per day of planned stay (however, not less than 100 zlotys or the equivalent of this amount in other currencies).

• A foreigner entering Poland to start or continue studying at a higher education institution, participate in scientific research or studies, carry out project work, start or continue research, must have at least 1270 zlotys in the first two months of the planned stay (or the equivalent of this amount in other currencies).

All additional information regarding entry and stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland can be obtained at: https://poland.mfa.gov.ua/en

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